Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tarot Minor Arcana

And a One and a Two!

ONE—“I AM THAT IAM! (Exodus 3:14) What a more profound way to state your identity in the universe! “Hello, this is the Cosmic Mind of the Universe speaking.” To talk about the numeral ONE brings up many levels of contemplation. It’s not about counting dollars in your “counting house,” but more about the nature of numeral ONE in a metaphysical sense. So how should we think about one, or oneness, in a deck of Tarot cards? The dictionary defines an ace as “a single point on a card,” and also as “one who excels.” Here are some of the usual meanings implied by numeral one:

1. One is undivided. It is unity in a state of wholeness.

2. A state of oneness. It is “I” alone. One Self and no other.

3. It is the unity of oneness. Everything is part of the ONE.

4. A singleness of purpose

5. A beginning

6. The first, or something new

7. Manifesting

8. The one Being

Michael Talbot wrote of a Hindu myth about the Self of the Universe who perceives existence as a form of play: “It assumes a kaleidoscope of faces and facades—a dazzling infinity of masks and forms until it becomes the living substance of the entire universe…it is the one and eternal Self of the cosmos.” (Mysticism and the New Physics, Bantam 1981, p. 160)

What does ONE mean in relation to the ACES in Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness?

ACE of Wands (Fire)
It symbolizes the primary creative impulsion to begin growing, and coming into being. It is the yearning to establish one’s identity. “Who am I?” It is the beginning of consciousness and all things new in the realm of day to day experience. In a metaphysical sense, numeral one signifies the start of a journey to find your spiritual Self-hood or soul. Here you affirm your oneness with the Universe and your place in it. The Ace of Wands in Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness is depicted as a magic wand with the fire of Light at both ends. It represents drawing down fiery energy from above and sending out a fiery energy below in an endless cycle of wholeness.

ACE of Cups (Water)
This represents getting in touch with your feelings or sensing how somebody else feels. It means dealing with emotional interactions and, the inner concerns you may have in learning how to get along with others, which includes gaining new insights into dealing with worry, fear, anger, love, passion, and compassion. It’s important to pay attention to your intuition and feelings in knowing if a situation is right or not. You are dealing with issues of feeling a sense of security, finding emotional and spiritual contentment, and being productive through useful and fruitful endeavors. The Ace of Cups in Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness is depicted as a huge cup of spiritual elixir supported by rainbows, signifying hope.

ACE of Swords (Air)
Here, this means you can experience clarity of thought and have a penetrating awareness of the motives of your companions and colleagues. This presents an opportunity to bring new inventive ideas into being. You can formulate brilliant plans and better yet, you are able to communicate your thoughts to others. You have a desire to get to the truth of the matter and can dig deep to find the cause of troubling problems. It is an affirmation of expecting and experiencing justice in being able to discern the difference between good and evil. The sword of the Ace in Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness is centered between dark and light values, indicating one’s skill in separating the reality of truth from the unreality of lies.

ACE of Pentacles (Earth)
This is the potential for you to be involved in earthly, practical manifestations such as planting seeds, and experiencing abundance in growing gardens and harvesting produce; building a house; or following though on a job. It points to having a sense of self-worth that includes monetary, as well as psychological and philosophical values. Hard work leads to material success and generates significant rewards and compensation. The Ace of Pentacles in Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness is colored in earth tones and includes an illustration of a sphere containing a centered pentagon, signifying the oneness of all things working together.