Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Fool and Nothing

The best place I like to begin in studying Tarot is with The Fool card. So you might ask why The Fool is the best place to start. It's like staring at a blank piece of paper and wondering what to put on it. The Fool represents nothing! It is a lack of awareness. We all start with nothing - zero - nada - zilch. From a physical perspective, most babies come into the world with nothing - just their little ready-made bodies and, most of all, consciousness. Ahah! There's the rub. Consciousness is probably the key to the whole matter of aliveness. The baby has life! Assuming that the baby has come into the world normally, what a profound way to start - to begin - to be - to start becoming. What kind of life will it be as an animated physical being and, what about a spiritual life? What is spiritual consciousness? Let that thought sink in and permeate those spine-tinglers in wonderment.
What is consciousness? The eyes give it away. Those little bright eyes open upon the world and then what? That's why I like to see The Fool at the beginning of the Major Arcana. It's the jumping off place into an unknown future. Of course we will see it again at the end of the Major Arcana, but in a different context with The Universe card.
The painting of The Fool in Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness depicts a zero that is filled with anticipation. It represents the positive, hopeful aspect one has of starting on life's journey. The center is a swirl of silvery shimmers, pregnant with possibilities. The seven colors of the rainbow radiate outward around the edges. The Fool's spritual journey through the trump cards of the Major Arcana is akin to our own journey through various states and stages, the twists and turns of our life experiences and lessons learned. Some remain the fool for the rest of their lives, others grow in wisdom garnered from life's lessons, and others play the fool, the joker, trickster, the mock king, president or priest. When you get The Fool card in a reading, it's the beginning of awareness. Beware - to be aware!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A New Tarot Deck for the New Millennium

Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness challenges the reader to enter a quest to find and connect to one’s unique inner spiritual self. This exquisitely painted deck of 78 cards is an exploration of symbolic relationships of the Tarot to Astrology, the Qabbalah, and Sacred Geometry. These geometric, abstract, vividly colored paintings are meant to inspire the seeker to create one’s own self-directed spiritual path.
Metaphysics, archaeology, and science, deeply influence Barbara Bruch’s work as author and designer of Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness. Barbara studied Fine Art at the University of Washington, and completed her MFA degree in Printmaking. She views her art as a means for self-transformation, and healing. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including the National Museum for Women in the Arts, Seattle Art Museum, and Women Artists of the American West.

Use Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness to start your quest and journey to seek to connect to your unique inner spiritual self. This modern beautifully designed and painted deck of 78 Tarot cards comes with its own accompanying book with an in-depth history and explanation of Tarot through the ages.
Follow Tarot’s mysterious appearance and use by French and Italian courtiers from early Renaissance to its worldwide use and fascinating appeal in contemporary society. This current ever-growing interest in Tarot is evident by the 3,000+ Tarot decks in use today. Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness aims to inspire the seeker to look within, explore and find one’s own spiritual path. Discover for yourself Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness’s amazing rich archetypal symbolism and fascinating, synchronistic relationships to Astrology, the Qabbalah, and Sacred Geometry. Extensively illustrated, this text explores the many layered symbolic relationships from ancient past to present day.
The Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness box set contains the 22 painted cards of the Major Arcana, together with 56 Minor Arcana cards including the Court cards. This new deck is unlike any other. Artist Barbara Bruch creates a new Tarot for the dawning of this 21st century. These beautifully painted original designs are inspired by Tarot symbolism, Sacred Geometry, Astrology, and the Qabbalah.
Use these modern archetypal symbols to explore your psyche. Discover ancient teachings of Sacred Geometry. Connect and reflect on classic Tarot figures such as The Empress, The Star, or Strength, and link them to your own life. What better way to interpret The Star as an experience of renewal by psychologically linking to its transcendent symbolism as a cosmic source for life energy.
Barbara Bruch’s 78 Tarot card paintings Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness together with its extensively illustrated definitive book is $39.95. It is contained in its colorful special box. Shipping and handling is $5.55 in the USA, additional for international
Washington State Residents - please add sales tax @9.5%.

You can order it now by emailing Barbara at:

Metaphysical Musing: A Statement

MFA Printmaking/painting University of Washington
Extensive work with the late Glen Alps/Collagraph

Much of my artwork is based on an interest in metaphysics, archaeology, and the physical sciences: representing spatial concepts, underlying structures, healing, transformation, and cycles of existence. This work consists of paintings and prints symbolic of cycles of life in portals, hills, valleys, circles, spirals, and pyramids—oracles and sources of energy that charge living beings with the life force. Having traveled several times to Britain, Scotland and Norway, exploring and documenting megalithic sites and museum collections, I have come to believe there are changeless ideas contained like blueprints in our DNA—plans and laws for the growth and development of life’s forms and structures.

Over the years, my paintings and prints have been exhibited at the Seattle Art Museum, Portland Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Seattle Pacific University, Cheney Cowles Museum in Spokane, Henry Art Gallery, Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, Washington State University, California State University at Hayward, and numerous galleries in Texas, Florida, Oregon, North Carolina, Washington DC, and Chicago. I have also exhibited in Korea, Italy, Holland, Scotland and South America. More information about my work is in the book and website, Women Artists of the American West by Susan Ressler.

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Book/Tarot cards Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness

This site is now ongoing
Watch for more information and pictures forthcoming about a beautiful new contemporary Tarot deck and book that I have designed: Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness. It has just arrived from the printers. There are instructions here for ordering it and I will be telling you a lot more about it.